My Vision For This Blog

I love writing. There is something so powerful about expressing one’s thoughts and passions into the written word. I love to read other people’s words whether in artistically fictional stories or in raw emotion. I love pictures that are worth a thousand words. I love creative solutions to the world’s problems. I love art. I love to teach. I love to be home with my daughter. I love music. How do I narrow down these passions into a productive focus? There are always so many ideas circling and so little time.

Several months ago I pictured what my next blog could look like. I’ve finally found my direction and I am ready to begin.

My prior career was teaching. I taught secondary Language Arts in Public and Private school and I loved my job. It was job that not only supplied a paycheck; it challenged my character, gave me a chance to encourage others, and in many ways was a sacrificial ministry. I left a career I loved at a school I most loved teaching at to be home with my baby. I wanted to spend all the time I possibly could teaching her–she became my new mission field.

Within a few months I joined a sisterhood called Trades of Hope, starting my home business selling the handicrafts of women in 16 different countries who needed a means of provision for their families. I heard testimonies in church about mission trips all the time and I thought, “I may not be able to GO right now, but I can SEND my support from inside the four walls of my house!” Day after day I go through the daily routines teaching my daughter, making sure she naps and eats, and when she’s occupied or napping I open up my window to the world (my laptop) and pour my heart into my other ministry. Like so many women who are stay at home moms, I spend my days ministering to my child and my free moments (when they can be found) sharing my heart.

That’s going to be the purpose of this blog. How I can inspire others to pour into their ministry within their four walls and what opportunities are available for us to the outside from within. It’s become clear to me that there are endless opportunities to make this world better. The ideas here will be for the homeschool mom, the parents of toddlers who want to give them a good early start, the working parents who find enrichment opportunities for their kids while they share quality time, and the women who have parallel careers and ministries. If you view your home as a mission field, this blog is for you!

I also plan to invite contributors whom I’m confident have beautiful ideas to contribute. Every day I hear about how some of my friends are homeschooling their children, or taking their family out for a memorable adventure, finding the teachable moments, or reaching out to their community. There is so much to do in this mission field, even from our four walls.


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