My New TPT Journey and Creating Logos

Behold what is possibly, maybe, my new business logo!

I think…

I don’t know!

Here’s the deal. I’m a writer. I’m creative. I like art. I like to learn. I have created countless lesson plans. I have made many things. But I am NOT a graphic designer.

I have many ideas, and many lessons I plan on polishing to place in my new teachers pay teachers store Mission 4 Walls, and I’m in the groundwork/startup phase of this new business venture. I named my blog and corresponding TPT site Mission 4 Walls because I believe that a lot of mission work happens within the four walls of homes and classrooms. As a teacher I’ve taught public and private school and now I’m entering the world of homeschooling. This is the background I am bringing to my TPT business; I’m a teacher/mom!

So while I am proud of my ideas and my branding, creating the actual images is a huge learning curve. I was listening the Kasey Morris from Teaching on Less to learn more about being a TPT Author and she joked about how she is judging other teachers’ fonts. Really? I could have a dynamic lesson plan that doesn’t sell because of FONT?

So the nerves are setting in for sure. What if my logo isn’t good enough? What if my covers aren’t cute enough?

I have spent countless hours already trying to design a logo that fits the message of my store and my niche which is that you can make a big difference in a small space and my content is heavily literacy oriented. My vision was to have clip art created from a photo of Sophia and I reading a book together. I am trying to learn how to create something like this in Photoshop cc which is overwhelming. I’m still trying but I fear it will take so much time to learn how to do from scratch (It involves not only technical know how but drawing which I’m not proficient in when it comes to using a mouse instead of a pencil) that I’ll lose a lot of time that could have been spent in my area of expertise–literary lesson plans!

Fortunately, a clip artist on Teachers Pay Teachers called Mae Hates Mondays creates very lovely work that suits my style quite well and in her terms of use she states that her work may be used in logos (when you become a seller, you need to learn all about terms of use like which clip art you can and can’t use in your created products). Mae, expect to get more of my business SOON!

So I tried out one of her clips in my working logo and here is how it’s looking now:

As I mentioned before, I would like to have a graphic of a mother and daughter reading together that is in the style of this little girl on the pile of books. It kills me because I actually can draw, but I can’t do this electronically. Maybe someday I can do it, or maybe I need to learn to stick with what God put in front of me (writing) and let other people be the masters of art. Maybe I can get a hold of miss Mae Hates Mondays and pay her to draw me my dream logo character? After how many hours I’ve spent designing and figuring out 2 soft wares, and as far off as I am from completing the goal, it may be $25 and 2 weeks of waiting well spent?

What do you think, friends? Do you like this logo? I think I’m proud of this but I’m second guessing myself. When I was a student, TIMES NEW ROMAN was the standard to look professional. Now there’s this lettering and graphic design trend and YouTubers who say you gotta get away from that 90’s style stuff. Gasp, I’m a 90’s kid! I’m already an old foggie, can you believe that?

Please let me know what you think! Is this a fun a logo? A work in progress? Good for now? Thanks in advance!



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