All things are possible…

“It’s Snowing!!!”

I was running around the house like an excited five year old Christmas morning.

My sensible husband shrugged and chuckled, “Yeah, like, when you look REALLY CLOSE, you can almost see a flurry in that sleet and rain…”

“NO!!!!!!!! It is really snowing now!”

He finally came to window and and smiled, “Oh now there you go! Let’s get our little one up to see it…”

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A few weeks earlier I had watched as my Facebook exploded with photos and accounts of some people’s first time seeing snow, other’s first in 33 years, and other’s first in my home town. The last time there had been snow flurries that I could remember was when I was 10 years old, and they melted before they touched the ground. The only other time before that was weeks before my birth. Living out of state during my home town’s white Christmas, I felt really left out. I mean, snow… in Texas… in December? It’s actually an act of God; it has to be.

So for weeks I wondered if we could have our moment and I waited for it. One night I heard we could have “inclement” weather in the morning, and I thought to myself “Could it be?” I saw a little snowflake on the weather app and I started checking my camera battery, found my tripod, and set up my equipment in the living room. I woke in the morning while it was still dark and I went outside to get a closer look. I slipped on ice. That was awful. No snow, only frozen rain and a sore back, Brrrr.

I was so hopeful. It wasn’t just about the snow. I wanted to see something miraculous. Did I know in my heart and soul that God does miracles with or without certain signs at certain times like I would hope? Absolutely. BUT,

I am hoping for miracles of greater significance than snow AND,

the idea of seeing with my eyes a natural phenomenon was dreamy. If it had never snowed, I would still know who I served. BUT,

He was sweet enough to LET IT SNOW anyway.

Snow is no big deal a few hours North of where I live, but snow in the South is as near impossible as it gets (especially if you think global warming is a thing). This year it snowed in many places that are not accustomed to snow like Subtropical parts of TEXAS and FLORIDA!

So I reflected on how all things are possible even in the most unlikely places. Sarah and Abraham’s bodies were described as such, “Sarah, who was past childbearing age…Abraham…as good as dead…” (Hebrews 11:11-12) were able to have a child because God had promised. It is a real challenge for anyone’s faith when the situation seems impossible.

I have felt time and time again, that God revealed a bit of His will to me. Then there has been the wait in which I questioned if I really heard correctly and wonder if or when the promises will be fulfilled. But like a Southern snow, anything is possible WITH GOD. 




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