Just Reflecting After Parkland’s Tragedy

When tragedy hits America, Facebook quarrels.

I believe at the very heart of our nation’s culture, we always want to strive to improve. We just have a hard time agreeing on the method. We have a talent for rehashing the same debates in a continuous loop. But America CARES, I mean we really really care.

So I hope and pray we can be constructive this time. Not just another good “intellectual conversation” constructive, but action-oriented constructive.

This week in Florida another horrific school massacre occurred. 17 people are dead and countless others traumatized.

What will  we do?

More than we’ve done since Columbine, I hope.

When tragedy takes place many people will say that we need Jesus. I agree. I also understand big-hearted people who argue and plead that we “Do something” getting frustrated with a general conclusion that we need Jesus. We do, but in the public sector… HOW?

What would Jesus do?
I believe Jesus would give mercy and grace where it is due, and command consequences where they are do. I believe he would disciple small groups and send his “students” out in twos so no one would be left alone or unaccountable. I believe he would build relationships.
I’m wondering if modeling some school procedures or class and campus sizes after His example with his disciples would help us keep better track of all students. I’m wondering if modeling after His methods would make our schools safer, more manageable, and even improve student success.
My head is still spinning with ideas to help schools become much safer. I know first hand how chaotic practice drills or real lock downs can be. I know I’ve never seen a large multi-building campus with more than 2 security guards. I heard this Florida school was a 45 acre campus with one guard who never came in contact with the shooter. I know many schools lock their doors during a school day, but a former disgruntled student would know when they open for passing periods and other holes in the security. I know there are more safety issues in schools than you’ll hear on the news. I know they need attainable solutions.
And if I can be completely real and honest, homeschooling has never looked better.
I will pray for the victims’ families and our schools. I would urge others to pray for wisdom in seeking solutions for the schools. I pray that more wise insightful people can get involved in school board meetings to help their local community. I’m praying for teachers. I’m praying for a revived nation. I feel restless to try and help, but completely helpless.
Even as I write this, a brief news flash on my local station is reporting how a high schooler in another state came to school with a gun today…
I feel helpless. All I know to do is pray and be honest; and honestly I have not felt the schools are safe enough for the last 11 years.
 My thoughts are with you Parkland, Florida.

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