You’ll Love These Attractive Summer Accessories that Improve and Empower Lives

Did you know that approximately 40% of the world’s population exists on $2 a day? (To get an idea what this might be like, I suggest checking out the documentary “A Dollar A Day.”) Often it is possible for us to purchase products in stores that are a great bargain because the items were made by underpaid workers in sweatshops. The effects of this poverty include malnourished families, unschooled children, and sex trafficking women and children who desperately want a meal. The good news is there are entrepreneurs doing something to change this reality.

One pair of earrings at a time.

One handbag at a time.

One decorative piece at a time.

Trades of Hope is a company that is true to it’s namesake as they purchase products at a fair wage from artisans around the world and in turn empower them out of sweatshops, brothels, and slums. They value honoring God and honoring others and I love that. I always feel pride promoting their beautiful items that are ethically made and I know that in doing this they are also partnering with many mission oriented organizations and ministries that have hands and feet right there ministering to these artisans and their communities.

My mission in this blog MISSION4WALLS is to inspire others to take pride in the life changing impact they make in their own little places. For me that has been a) in the classroom b) inside my home c) supporting missional business and ministries around the world FROM my home. This is why I am a compassionate entrepreneur for Trades of Hope.

Here are a few samples of some attractive summer accessories that you could get to help improve lives around the world!


You can get these directly through my link:


Host a party to share with your friends an opportunity to help and empower others through fair trade shopping. You can get your own product free and half off when your friends make qualifying purchases because hostesses help us SO MUCH with inspiring change and bringing business to women working their way out of poverty!

Lastly, there is a great sale going on now through July 31 on items we will be clearing to make way for the new designs we will buy from the artisans!





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