Use What You Have, Make an Impact Where You Are

Hello blog! Hello readers! I have missed you! I’ve been so eager to get back to visiting you regularly. I owe you an explanation for my absence.

I got myself into a project…

I’m still at it…

Allow me to explain. Three years ago I taught myself how to crochet. Two years ago I made a failed attempt at launching a crochet business. Last year I took the lessons I learned to launch a seasonal crochet business and had moderate success taking custom orders. By the end of winter I had acquired a massive collection of yarn (different colors for different projects, etc…). I learned several things from the experience. 1 – I like making people gifts. 2 – Crochet takes a lot of time for a modest return. 3 – I missed having time for a few things I really felt led to do. 4 – I was left with supplies and a skill to do WHATEVER I wanted with.

I love the story “What Do You Do With A Problem?” because it reminds me there could be an opportunity in every situation. The other story we have to go with that is “What Do You Do With an Idea?” (Spoiler: The answer is “you change the world!”) I needed an idea about what I could do with all the yarn. Do I give it away? Do I use it? How do I use it? Then I had the perfect idea.

I wanted to bless a family pursuing an adoption. I’m presently a “stay at home mom” transitioning to the role of “work from home mom” and I’m not the breadwinner who can simply drop a donation at every opportunity. But I did have a skill and resources. I decided to use them. I’m sowing into a family that is growing because I want to reap growth in my own family.

So I offered my skill in a fundraiser. I told their friends during the auction, “Pay me to crochet your request and I’ll donate the profit to the adoption.” Then I could use up some yarn and make space in my home and schedule for my next set of goals.

The reason I share this is not for credit but to inspire. So please don’t give me credit! I don’t need or want it. I will not share the full extent of my efforts in this project because I’m looking for God’s blessing, not man’s. I share this because someone will read this and realize that they had no idea a little thing they can do can make an impact. Someone needs to be inspired to help others and practice sowing and reaping.

So I encourage you; take a hard look at what is in your hands and use it. It doesn’t have to seem like a talent to you. There are many ways to be useful. Be generous and creative with any skill or interest you have. It could start with an interest and willingness to learn a new skill too. It may spread like wild fire. Find creative ways to use what you have for someone else. Refresh someone else and you will be refreshed. (Proverbs 11:25)

I know it works!

What can you do? Can you cook? Cook for someone else or teach someone how to cook. Send some food to a new neighbor or friend who needs encouragement.

Do you like company? Lead a small group and bring people together.

Are you crafty? Create things for a fundraiser or give away your creations in another way intentionally.

Are you interested in learning a new skill? Find a friend to join you. Think of ways to use the skill for good.

You get the idea!

I’m convinced that if there is hurt inside of you, you can heal when you help someone else. I think practicing this principle can make a person more productive and less depressed. I’m loving the responses I’m receiving from the things I create. I am refreshed. I hope you will experience this too!

I would encourage you to check out Truth Bomb Mom’s video about her turning point. She gives an excellent illustration from her own life on this principle. Clearly her sowing and reaping worked out for her! Check it out and get inspired! She proves that you can use ANYTHING in your hands, even if you think you have NOTHING! I love it.

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What Do You Do With An Idea

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