My Word About James Patterson’s Word of Mouse!

I just finished reading this delightful children’s novel by James Patterson and I am now hooked on his publishing house for kids-Jimmy Patterson. I’m impressed with the short but impactful chapters, mild cliff hangers, illustrations, vocabulary enrichment, humor, wit, and the opening quotes by Isaiah the mouse.

I don’t know about you, but I still remember the read aloud’s I heard in 2nd and 3rd grade. Super Fudge. The Indian in the Cupboard. Ramona. Word of Mouse would be an engaging independent read for an upper elementary to middle school child or a read aloud with early readers. The challenging vocabulary is simplified and understandable through the voice of Isaiah, a smart lab mouse who knows how to read. In this adventure Isaiah is separated from his 97 family members and joins a new “mischief” to save his family and build new relationships. He and his human friends prove that being a little different can be extraordinary.

This book was honestly a blast for me to read alone so you won’t get bored reading it with your kids. I recommend it highly!

You can get a copy of Word of Mouse at Barnes and Noble or through my affiliate link if you’d like to help me justify my full time homemaking gig 😜. It helps me keep this blog alive at no extra cost to you so thanks for considering it.

Get your copy here –> Word of Mouse


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