Mission 4 Walls is about the mission field that takes place in our homes and classrooms. Some of the greatest impact in society happens in small spaces. I want teachers and moms to remember that their roll is valued and so special to this world.

This blog contains affiliate links from Amazon in which I may receive a small commission on sales. I chose to be an Amazon associate because I discuss books and products I use in my home and in my teaching. I only promote resources I would personally use. I believe this can be a great resource to my readers as it saves them time and money as well. Thank you for your support!

Devotions and Inspiration:


Being a mom and a teacher are so similar to me. Whether you homeschool or not, you are your child’s teacher. They glean from you every day. Sometimes we ride high on milestones and other times we get down on our failures. I want to have the words to share that will uplift your spirits and inspire you to keep finding ways to teach our children. Children and teens really are our future and the time you spend with them at home and/or in a classroom is so valuable. I have had a heavy heart for years to minister encouragement to other teachers and now moms. This will be my portal to do just that. I do this because I know the most impactful mission work happens within our four walls. This is where seeds are planted in young minds and hearts, and this is where they will have the opportunity to grow before they face the world and plant seeds of their own. Let’s plant those seeds and expect a beautiful harvest for years to come!



I’ve taught in public and private school in two states and two countries, have a Reading Specialist Certification, and now I teach my little one at home.  In this blog I’ll review books and write about my experiences in hopes of encouraging others. I hope you’ll enjoy my memoirs, ideas, anecdotes, and resources while reflecting on the mission field within your four walls. While the content in this blog is free, affiliate links, as well as links to my store, help cover blog domain costs and serve as a means of income for me.

Teachers Pay Teachers STORE:


You can visit my store to see all the lesson plans I’ve made available. My speciality is literacy at all grade levels and I create for Public, Private, and Homeschool (all hats I have worn and will wear). I want to create resources that make life easier for teachers, promote literacy, and encourage character building. Thank you for checking out my blog! Please follow me on any social media platform and/or via email.

Trades of Hope


I also advocate for the company Trades of Hope which purchases products made by artisans around the world at a fair wage creating opportunities in areas where opportunity is scarce, supporting missionaries, preventing trafficking, offering therapy/hope where needed, and providing education to artisans” children. This is a great resource for accessorizing and gift shopping while making an impact in lives and promoting education.

Affiliate Link: Shop Children’s Books Here

Shop Children’s Books Here

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