Devotionals and Inspiration

Being a mom and a teacher are so similar to me. Whether you homeschool or not, you are your child’s teacher. They glean from you every day. Sometimes we ride high on milestones and other times we get down on our failures. I want to have the words to share that will uplift your spirits and inspire you to keep finding ways to teach our children. Children and teens really are our future and the time you spend with them at home and/or in a classroom is so valuable. I have had a heavy heart for years just wanting minister encouragement to other teachers and now moms. This will be my portal to do just that. I do this because I know the most impactful mission work happens within the four walls of classrooms and homes. This is where seeds are planted in young minds and hearts, and this is where they will have the opportunity to grow before they face the world and plant seeds of their own. Let’s plant those seeds and expect a beautiful harvest for years to come!