Teachers Pay Teachers

339CBED4-1E3C-4226-BB3E-1E80B89862C9Here you can find my classroom resources that I’ve made available. I pour my heart and soul into planning lessons and try to think of every potential challenge so that my plans are easy to implement right away. My area of expertise is Reading Instruction in multiple contents at all grade levels. Check out my store for some time saving resources!

Trades of Hope

I’m a compassionate entrepreneur for Trades of Hope, which is a company that purchases handcrafted goods from artisans around the world at a fair wage so that people who were once in poverty can now have a roof, safety, food, and education for themselves and their children. The mission is to create a dignified partnership in which people who are willing to work but are in areas that lack opportunity are GIVEN opportunity with our support. It’s a wonderful mission-oriented business that I’m proud to be a part of. If you’d like to see what we have for sale, check out this link  to my Facebook business page!

Amazon Associates

I am a participant in the Amazon Associates affiliate program as a way of supplementing our income and covering the cost of maintaining a blog (plus offsetting my time spent working it). Clicking on the links incurs no extra cost to you but Amazon will thank me for the business by paying me a small commission.

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Thank you!

Thank you for supporting my small business in any capacity. I strive to provide free content that encourages and uplifts wives, moms, and teachers. I also provide goods and services that are blessing. Your support makes it possible for me to maintain this work and provide for my family as I spend all the time I can investing in them (My Greatest Mission) in our home. Family is the foundation that makes our society what it is and our investment will bring returns for years to come.