REBLOG: Hawaii Countdown: 20 days- Boxes and Balls

As someone who has had an international move and back,I loved this. Praying for the Gosin family!

Little Zephy's Mission

About 10 years ago, I had just begun my committed walk with the Lord and I heard of a young woman doing missions in Africa.  Everything she owned could fit into one suitcase.  I’ve always held a strong admiration for her, especially when I glanced over at clothes overflowing out of my closet onto a huge pile on the floor.  Not to mention there was a closet in the other room filled with more of my clothes, bags, and shoes.


I originally moved over to Japan with just two suitcases.  I was quite proud of myself at the time, even though I was one of those characters in the movies where the young lady has to sit on her Xlarge suitcase just to zipper it.  I put on my high heels and happily pulled my grey and pink suitcases and was on my way.

When I moved to Japan…

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